The King and I – 25th-30th Nov 2013
A show by Rodgers and Hammerstein.


Chorus:- Sunday 14th July
Principals and Parts:- Sunday 21st July

Production Team

Directors:- John Sabberton and Lesley Smith
Musical Director:- Lynn Loose
Choreographer:- Abigail Kingsley-Parker

Set in the 1860s and the Western world is closing in on Thailand. Hoping to give his family the knowledge to survive in this New World, the King of Thailand hires a British governess for his children. At first, Anna and the King struggle to find common ground between Thai and British attitudes. Soon though, the two opposites fall in love. Meanwhile, Tuptim and and Lun Tha have a hidden romance even though Tuptim belongs to the King.

Cast List:

The King - Trevor Fenton
Anna Leonowens - Deborah Atkinson
The Kralahome - Robert Callaby
Louis Leonowens - Poppy Sinnot
Prince Chulalonghorn - Natasha Simpson
Lady Thaing - Sheila Millington
Tuptim - Lucy Crunkhorn
Lun Tha - Jack Hallgate
Sir Edward Ramsay - Robert Barclay
Captain Orton - Stuart Bull
The Interpreter - Charles Long
Princess Ying Yaowalak - Jenny Brown
Speaking Prince - James Gosling

Princesses and Princes:

Red Group - Isabella Blackamore, Abbie Callerby, Paige Callerby, Rosie Eliff, Evie Gilby, Courtney Hemingway, Maison Leatherland, Samantha Millington, Alena Osborne, Gabriel Sinnott

Blue Group - Amelia Baggaley, Harry Baggaley, Tillie Cartwright, Tillie Craven, Evie Drummond, Tilly Drummond, Callum Hill, Charlotte Skinner, Chloe Skinner

Both Groups:- James Gosling, Georgia Healey, Chloe Healey, Jasmine Skinner

The Royal Dancers:

Eliza - Tarrin Dawson
Angel / George - Chloe Pits
King Simon - Leanne Hill
Little Eva - Lucy Allen
Little Topsey - Laura Molsen
Uncle Thomas - Tia Patient
Sun - Chloe Maddison

Scientific Dogs - Jenny Brown, Lucy Freeston, Tia Patient, Natasha Townsend
Scenic Artists - Marta Von Mechow, Lucia Zimba Siebenstichova, David Lane, Kevin Lane, Charles Long
Chorus/Forest/Soldiers/Snowflakes - All Ballet Cast

Wives:- Lucy Allen, Rosemary Brown, Helen Clare, Charlotte Hicks, Marilyn Cobb, Hazen Craven, Emma Kerkoff (Nurse), Rachel Francis (Nurse), Zoe Wyles

Amazons - David lane and Kevin Lane
Priest - Simon Spens

NODA Review:

REVIEW OF “The King and I” by Peter Breach (NODA representative- Nov 2013.
How apposite and timely this production by the Boston Musical Theatre Group was, especially as immigration has become such a major concern in the town. This musical by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II highlights the difficulties and misunderstandings that can occur when people from disparate parts of the globe come to live together and how their cultural backgrounds can lead to disagreements and disputes that are often aggravated by the absence of a common language. None the less it has been described as a celebration of love in all its guises. Sensitively directed, this show contains a wonderful selection of superbly crafted songs which were competently delivered with excellent musical accompaniments. The colourful costumes were carefully chosen and the innovative choreography that had a strong oriental influence was expertly performed, specially the ballet sequence. The large cast applied themselves enthusiastically to their respective parts with Trevor Fenton (as the King) and Deborah Atkinson (as Anna) providing strong leads. The star crossed lovers, Lucy Crunkhorn (as Tuptim) and Jack Hallgate (as Lun Tha), showed intense feeling in their performances. The young Princes and Princesses well deserved the recognition they received from the approving audience for their contribution. I thought Sheila Millington’s rendition of “Something Wonderful” was exceptionally moving. This show has a powerful message to convey – ignorance breeds fear but knowledge can bring you love. Congratulations on delivering such a fine team effort!

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